The Breakfast Table – Civil War


I would like to introduce a new type of content we will be publishing to 8Bit Waffles called The Breakfast Table. These posts will consist of several members of our staff discussing recent events in the entertainment world.

To start this new content off we discussed the latest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America Civil War.


Brad: Ok, I just want to start this off by saying that Tom Holland as Spider-Man may very well be the best Spider-Man we have gotten in movies. I loved Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man and Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker. Tom Holland though, seemed to play both very well in the short time he was on screen.

Joe: I think he did a good job however not canon.

Alex: I agree he did a good job a spidey. However I still need convincing that he’ll be a good Peter Parker. But too little screen time and Holy Hell we have a hot Aunt May.

Brad: His awkward conversation with Tony Stark was dead on Peter Parker and Milf Aunt May for sure.

Joe: I think I need more screen time before I accept as spidey.

Alex: Tony was spot on with his thoughts haha.

Brad: I think he got just enough screen time though for his introduction and I look forward to his full movie next year.

Alex: I know his age in the comics but it’s something I would have to get used to in the movies. I honestly don’t think we need another fresh Spidey.

Joe: I’m going to have to agree there.

Alex: Hoping he wouldn’t been around for awhile at least instead of just 6 months.

Brad: I agree, it is a little soon for a reboot, but after his performance in this movie I’m willing to give him time. And was it just me, or was it kind of disappointing that Crossbones just exploded at the beginning of the film? I was expecting him to be a “villain that got away” kind of ordeal.

Alex: Yes just yes. I was so disappointed in that. But honestly I didn’t feel Frank Grillo as Crossbones. When he was just Rumlow in Winter Soldier he was pretty awesome but his performance as Crossbones was just meh. Guess he didn’t really try since he short screen time.

Brad: I did like that Zemo had some legitimate reason for his hating the avengers though and wanting to split them apart. Thank god they didn’t just kill him in the end, we may get a return villain in the MCU finally.

Alex: I didn’t care for Zemo at all. Yes he lost his family and stuff but honestly there wasn’t much to the character.

Joe: Eh, I don’t see him as being a threat in future of MCU. He was basically one of the side of people who thought the avengers caused more harm than good.

Brad: The only thing I didn’t like was there was a lot of “how did he know that existed” to his character. Like the tape, how did he know it existed?

Alex: Also how he knew how to build that giant EMP?

Brad: I’d like to see some more building onto that character and see him return a little. It’s just nice to see a MCU villain not die for once, whose name isn’t Loki.

Alex: Very true. Speaking of not letting him die. I liked how T’chala stopped him.

Alex: The “Winter Soldiers” also was just a stupid plot point.

Brad: Yeah, when they got to the place and found all the Winter Soldiers killed, I was kind of disappointed and felt that there was a lot of build up that lead to nothing.

Alex: It was dumb. Of course I was kinda wrong about the Bucky Clone but it was close enough lol.

Brad: The ending fight after that was great though with Captain America and Iron Man. Iron Man fighting to kill the man who took his family away, and Captain America fighting to save the only family he has left. After seeing the “I don’t want to hurt you” airport fight, seeing them going with real punches was nice.

Alex: Also I will admit I didn’t really care for the Starks reveal. I called that back in Winter Soldier. The fight scenes in general were great but the entire final act I really did not like at all.

Brad: The action scenes in this movie were all good. There were some moments in the opening that the CG felt… off. But otherwise very good.

Alex: I agree the Airport fight was pretty fantastic. Would have liked a little less humor though.

Brad: I’d argue that the airport fight is probably one of my favorite fight scenes in a movie.

Alex: I will definitely agree. It showcased the best of each character. I loved Giant Man it was too good. Also I really want more Scarlet Witch. For the love of everything give me more of her.

Brad: Scarlet Witch was great in the scenes she was in, and I know that her and vision have a relationship in the comics, but in this movie it just felt a little forced.

Alex: Thank you it was painful.

Brad: Spider-Man and Ant-Man alone made that movie great and the 2 best lines in the movie were during that scene:
Ant-man while in Tony’s suit “This is your conscious, we haven’t talked in awhile”
and Spider-man to Captain “That shield does not obey any physics”
I’d say those two lines are my favorite in the whole film.By far.

Alex: haha those were great. Also the friendship stuff was painful as well.

Brad: Between who?

Alex: Widow to Clint
“Are we still friends?”
“Depends on how hard you hit me.”

Brad: Yeah, I didn’t care for that line in the trailer and I still didn’t care for it in the movie.

Alex: And Wanda and Vision apologizing to each other. Also Ross was an unnecessary addition.

Brad: Can be also agree on the best “bullshit physics” moment I’ve seen in a recent superhero movie with Bucky grabbing the motorcycle while it was moving, turning it mid air, and jumping on it? It had to be the best non meant to be comedic moment for me.

Alex: hahaha yes cool to see but also bullshit.

Brad: I agree, it was a cool scene, but it took me out of the movie for a moment as I could only think “yeah, that would have ripped his arm off for sure” during that scene.

Alex: I really like Black Panther as well I can’t wait for his solo movie.

Brad: Black Panther was amazing. The end credits scene was a great lead into what could be the plot of the Black Panther movie. Performance wise, I don’t think I was disappointed by any of the main cast.

Alex: Not at all.

Brad: They all did a great job, and the newcomers stole the show in my opinion. Ant-Man, T’challa, and Spider-Man were great to see on screen.

Joe: Okay movie, decent fight scenes, I felt the plot lacked.

Alex: I don’t think this movie really hadn’t any effects on the MCU to be honest there were absolutely no risks.

Brad: The only effect it had, is now the avengers are in hiding. Which makes for a good reason on why they won’t be able to help during the solo movies coming up. Tony Stark and Vision are really the only ones not in hiding.
Captain America – Wanted Felon
Falcon – Wanted Felon
Hawkeye – Wanted Felon/Retired
Scarlet Witch – Wanted Felon
Ant-Man – Wanted Felon
Black Widow – In Hiding
Hulk – Location Unknown
Thor – Asgard
T’Challa – No issues
Iron Man – No issues
Spider-Man – No issues
Vision – No issues
Warmachine – Broken Spine
Winter Soldier – Frozen
That’s where all the Avengers stand right now.

Alex: Well the only movie there would be any help would be Black Panther. Strange is in his own thing. Then there is Guardians 2 and Thor 3 where the Avengers wouldn’t be anyways. But that last scene pretty much just throws all that out the window.

Brad: The one where they froze bucky? Or the cellphone with Stark?

Alex: Where Cap gives tony the cell phone.

Brad: Yeah, but only he has that cell phone.It’s not like anyone else in the upcoming movies can contact the avengers now. Since they are in hiding and no one knows that Stark has the phone.

Alex: But even then when were the avengers called for anything? Still doesn’t change anything.

Joe: I was thinking the same thing.

Brad: I know it was a point brought up a lot during Phase 2 with “why didn’t everyone come and help X with that world issue” and with the start of Phase 3, we now have that reason.

Alex: True but even then I’ve felt it shouldn’t need to be answered on why they didn’t help. Avengers I’ve always seen as a global threat to team up for.

Brad: Well, in Winter Soldier the entirety of SHIELD was taken over. That’s a pretty big threat. but I know what you mean.

Alex: But with Winter Soldier the only other person that would’ve cared was Stark. Overall what is everyones rating?

Brad: I’d say a solid 8/10. It had it’s problems, it was an enjoyable movie with some great action scenes that I’d argue are some of the best in film. Overall though I enjoyed the movie. The action scenes were on point, the fight scenes I enjoyed a lot and I can see myself watching again. Some plot points seemed a little forced, but overall I think the movie makes it into my top 5 Marvel movies. The ending did seem a little off though. And again, the villain wasn’t that great. I did like that every single avenger got some decent screen time though, new and old cast.

Alex: I have to give it a 8/10. The Airport scene was by far the highlight of the movie. Even the Russo brothers admitted it in a message played before the movie. The third act just fell off the rails in a bad way. The villain was very underused and the plot wasn’t very cohesive. Also one last thing when Tony said “He killed my mom” I wanted to scream Are you fucking kidding me. But that’s it. Definitely not the best Marvel movie. I still have high expectations after Winter Soldier but I just had way too many issues with Civil War.

Joe: I mean with everything that it is I’d give it 7/10. It was okay, had some good fight scenes. I’d like to see more from it with the plot. The plot was the big turn off for me, a lot of the communication felt forced.

On the next segment of The Breakfast Table we will do a discussion between Batman v Superman and Civil War at a later date so keep an eye out for that discussion.