A Future Without Nintendo?


Help us NX; you’re our only hope…*

Except, where’s the Wii U love, though?

There’s no mistaking that this first half of the year has been a quiet one for Nintendo, with little announcements or plans to fuel their current home platform.

Since the Wii U’s launch, Nintendo has traversed a bumpy road to profitable quarters. It’s inability to distinguish it’s branding from the original hit console, the OG Wii(triple, triple), and it’s poor third party library are among the list of reasons why fans and gamers alike are concerned for the console’s(and the company’s) future.

Despite the issues stemming from some abstract business directions taken with the Wii U, it has been one of the easier consoles in my life to pick up and play, without feeling like I’m starting a book’s first chapter without ever coming back to complete it.

As a bike messenger in NYC, a lot of my time is spent on two wheels, so my hands are usually plenty full during my shifts. This doesn’t stop me from lugging around any of my various DS consoles or my vita, however, but it does mean that some days I’ll compromise my entertainment during my limited free time for a pack that’s not nearly so heavy.

But what is it this soliloquy goes so far to illustrate? It’s obvious that there’s a huge market in mobile gaming, and Nintendo’s potential plans for the NX only tickle the mysterious curiosity that grows from what could be cooking in Reggie’s cauldron.

Time is a precious commodity. And in a world where so much information is available at our fingertips, it doesn’t seem farfetched to think that gaming can be heading in a direction of pick up and put down play style. (That is, when it isn’t abundantly strung along a line of micro transactions.) A mobile/home console hybrid that allows the user to invest time on the go, all the while still maintaining the elements that make a console… well- a console, might be able to bridge the gap being created from the gaming elements of yesterday to those practiced in game creation today. And the one element that brings that all together is the one thing we’re never without- Our mobile, cellular devices.

Considering how this current quarter has gone for Nintendo releases on the Wii U, one can only look at the future with hopeful eyes that maybe- just maybe- there’s one last hurrah left in this console that has yet to see it’s maturation. And with so much riding on the NX’s success, that same hope is placed in Nintendo’s hands.

That being said, I myself also look forward to what the other players in the game are planning for the future. What do you think could potentially go down in the next chapter of the inevitable console wars? Leave a comment and let us know! =D