Microsoft E3 Presentation: Assassins Creed Origins Announcement


During the Microsoft Presentation we got our first look at Assassins Creed Origins.

Ubisoft took a year break from the Assassins Creed franchise, and they have come back with a game that has had leaks regarding it’s existence all the way back in 2016. Today we have official confirmation about the game though.

Assassins Creed Origins takes place in ancient Egypt. The main character is Bayek who is an Egyptian sheriff. The game will show the struggles of Bayek as he fights against “corrupting ancient Egypt” and eventually begins the formation of the Assassin Brotherhood seen in the rest of the franchise.

When speaking about the game Jean Guesdon the games creative director said “We know that people, when they think Egypt, they think desert, But Egypt is way more than that. You have the Nile Delta, you have the Nile River, you have tons of oases. So when you mix all that, from the green, lush fauna of the Nile Delta to the oasis of Faiyum, it’s the perfect playground.” So the game is not going to just be all about the desert. They are also aiming to make a more seamless game instead of the typical sandbox style game play that the Assassins Creed franchise is known for. These changes could be what the franchise needed after it’s last couple of games were not as well received as the previous games in the franchise.


Check out the images below from Ubisoft and expect to play Assassins Creed Origins when it releases October 27th on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.