Nintendo E3 Presentation: Kirby


A brand new Kirby game was confirmed to be coming to the Nintendo Switch during the Nintendo Spotlight at E3, let’s take a look!

While the game has no official title, being known only as “Kirby” during its announcement, a pretty decent amount of info was shown of for the new Nintendo Switch game!

Get ready for a Kirby game unlike any other! This time Kirby has help, as up to three enemies can be recruited by the pink puff ball. The enemy recruits can be controlled by either the computer or another player. Four sideways Joy-Con controllers or four Joy-Con grips can be used to controllers the characters on screen. Different enemies can be useful in different situations and with three slots, the possibilities are many with the configuration you can have on your team!

Mulitplayer isn’t the only new component to this new Kirby adventure, many copy abilities will be returning from past games and will be able to be imbued with the power of the elements. These new powers will allow you to fight harder or even solve puzzles easier, even your allies can benefit from these new powered up abilities of yours.

It’s great to see Kirby returning in full HD on the Nintendo Switch with a look reminiscent of some of his most classic adventures! Look out for more Kirby news as it comes between now and its release some time in 2018.

Kirby will release 2018 for the Nintendo Switch.