Nintendo E3 Presentation: Super Mario Odyssey


Now it’s time for the main attraction of Nintendo’s show this year. Super Mario Odyssey took center stage on the show floor of E3 with an entire booth dedicated to one of the game’s key locations, New Donk City. Let’s take a look at what was shown off during the spotlight!!

A lot was shown off in a short time for Super Mario Odyssey, if you want to watch the full trailer from the Spotlight, check it out here:

In Super Mario Odyssey, you’ll be taking off in Mario’s new hat-shaped ship, the Odyssey, to save Princess Peach from the evil wedding that Bowser has planned. With the help of your new companion Cappy, you’ll be able to take down enemies and even possess them using the new capture mechanic! This new method of play allows Mario to inhabit the body of numerous enemies, objects and characters throughout his journey!

Cappy also comes with new attacks for Mario as well, you’ll be able to use the abilities of whatever you possess to solve puzzles and reach hard to find places. You’ll be able to utilize Cappy as a weapon with the cap throw and even as a platform with the cap jump. He adds a whole other element of play to the Mario universe that we have never seen before which will make fighting enemies and bosses a brand new adventure to tackle.

Lots of new locales are going to be shown off during this new journey, including New Donk City, who’s mayor is Pauline, an old flame of Mario’s that he had to save from Donkey Kong way back in the day. Another awesome feature shown off in the trailer was the 2D sections that you’ll come across, transporting Mario on to a wall into a 2D version of himself resembling his classic look from Super Mario Bros, this mechanic is reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds!

This new Mario adventure is turning out to look absolutely amazing and a lot of fun! With a style that reminds gamers of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, this truly feels like a homecoming for fans of Nintendo’s Italian plumber. Look forward to this adventure in October, just like everyone here at 8bitWaffles already is!

Super Mario Odyssey will release October 27, 2017 for the Nintendo Switch.