Nintendo E3 Presentation: Yoshi


During the Nintendo Spotlight, a brand new Yoshi game was announced for the Nintendo Switch, check it out below!

While similar in appearance, this game is completely separate from Yoshi’s last adventure, Woolly World. This brand new adorable adventure is brand new and will take Yoshi into a whole new perspective!

Simply (tentatively) titled “Yoshi”, this new game brings to mind titles such as Super Paper Mario and Yoshi’s Woolly World as Yoshi takes on a whole new dimension of play. In this game, you’ll be able to tackle each level from two different perspectives, the front AND the back!

This game also adds multiplayer to the mix! You and a friend will be able to team up as two Yoshi out on an adventure together! Multiplayer is sure to add a whole new standard to the gameplay, as many of us know, a second player on screen can both help or hurt your progress.

Not only that, while this game is a sidescroller, you’ll be able to interact in a full 360 degrees with the environment as you learn to master the background and the foreground. This new perspective will be a huge part of gameplay and will add a whole new level of needing to pay attention in order to complete and collect everything in sight.

As is typical with a Yoshi game, it looks absolutely adorable and unique. We look forward to bringing you more information as it comes between now and the game’s release in 2018.

Yoshi will release 2018 for the Nintendo Switch.