Review – Doom Eternal: Ancient Gods Part 1 Review


Doom Eternal launched on March 20, 2020 and was met with critical praise for its exhilarating action. Releasing on October 20, 2020 is the first Expansion in a two part series. I can safely say it is everything I’ve wanted from a Doom expansion and more.

Doom Eternal is a fantastic game and easily one of the best FPS shooters since its predecessor in 2016. However, the game always left me wanting more after each demon encounter. The combat was fast, exhilarating, and just so damn good. If I had to describe the first expansion I would say its a boss rush mode with a story. While I will not spoil the ending to Eternal it is a direct continuation that goes deeper into the lore of the different angels and demons you encountered throughout the series. For those who are Doom enthusiasts, the story will quench your thirst for more lore. For newcomers to the series, Doom Eternal can feel a bit overwhelming due to the excess amount lore that was given to them. Ancient Gods is no different. There are moments that have no context and can be frustrating if you never took the time to read every Codex file you found. Thankfully, if the only thing you are after is the high octane action Doom is known for then you will not be disappointed. This is where the 10 hour Campaign really shines.

In between the small lore segments are long, drawn out set pieces where you can easily face dozens of demons at a time. Understanding your abilities and weapons is crucial to surviving each wave. In the base game, whenever you got a new weapon you knew that it was key to winning the battle since it was the weapon most effective against the demons introduced to you at the time.. In Ancient Gods, the best part is that it’s not one or two demon types that spawn and there are no hints at what demons will show up. All the demons are present in this expansion, sometimes all at once during a single fight. Because of this there will be times where you will fail during an encounter, but this allows you to be prepared once you respawn. The satisfaction of winning a fight while clinging to my life something I haven’t felt in an action game in a very long time. Also, the level design is just as great as before if not better. Each set piece is unique. In one area you are mowing down demons with waves crashing together during a violent thunderstorm, the next being inside a science center with enough portals and boosters to keep you moving quickly. Although you will mostly likely be too busy killing demons and blood gushing everywhere, it’s nice to acknowledge enivorment that is surrounding you, it really sets the atmosphere of the level design.

I can guarantee you will have the time of your life. While the story is straight forward, I can happily say Ancient Gods part 1 is a worthy followup to Doom Eternal. You will not find a better FPS experience this year. Period.


Doom Eternal: Ancient Gods Part 1 is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Switch, Xbox Series S/X and PS5 versions will release at a later date. Expansion included in Season Pass for $29.99 or free with Doom Eternal: Deluxe edition.