Sony E3 Presentation: PS VR Showcase


During this years E3, Sony stepped on stage for their presentation and showed off many of their upcoming games. However, what surprised most people was that they actually showed off their VR with a few games coming out in the future.

Skyrim VR

Considering Skyrim was recently announced on Nintendo Switch, I don’t think many people thought it was going to release on VR anytime soon. Even after Bethesda’s conference where they announced VR support for their other big games Fallout and Doom, it was a pleasant surprise that this beloved game is getting the Virtual Reality treatment.


Star Child

Next was a new game called Star Child. From the trailer you play a pink haired woman who pilots a spaceship and wanders around a factory in neat 2.5D style platforming. Not much is known about the game outside the trailer and synopsis but hopefully we see more of this game.


The Impatient

You can’t have VR without some type of new horror game. The Impatient reminds me a lot of Outlast, not only because the Doctor in the trailer reminds me of the one in Outlast but also it follows the same formula where you outrun enemies and hide in nearby Closets or under beds. However the most intriguing part to come from the developers is that this game is set 60 years before Until Dawn. Hopefully we get to see some cool connections between the games when The Impatient releases


Final FantasyXV:  Monster of the Deep

Did you love fishing in Final Fantasy XV? Well if you did then here is your chance to play it in VR. Looks pretty straight forward but looks like fun if you want to jump back into the game.


Bravo Team

Here we have a generic Military themed FPS where you team up with friends to kill the other team



The best game during the showcase was Moss. The vibrant graphics and great presentation truly stood out for this game where you help guide a mouse though a judge base ruin. The twist is that you don’t play as the mouse, you however help guide the mouse using speech bubbles to give commands to the mouse on where to go. The gameplay seemed unique among VR games and looks to be one of the best titles to play on the platform.