Baby Driver Review


Baby Driver is the latest movie from Edgar Wright about a Getaway driver named Baby. Is the movie worth going to the theater? Yes, very much so.


Baby Driver follows the story of a getaway driver named Baby (Ansel Elgort). As a child his parents were killed in a car accident and while he survived, his eardrums became permanently damaged. His damaged eardrums cause a constant ringing sound to echo in his ears. By listening to music, he drowns out the ringing. He then took a liking to hot-wiring and stealing cards and got a talent for being able to drive fast and evade the cops in any setting.

After stealing the car of a criminal mastermind and king pin of local bank robberies Doc (Kevin Spacey) he is forced to pay off his debts by being Doc’s number one getaway Driver. Doc plans the robberies, gathers teams, and never uses the same team for more than one mission except for Baby who is always his go to getaway driver. As Baby is being forced into doing this, he does as he is told by Doc and waits for the day his debts are paid off so he can leave.

Some of the other members of the crime organization run by Doc are Buddy (Jon Hamm), Darling (Eiza Gonzalez), Bats (Jamie Fox), and Griff (Jon Bernthal) who all appear within the movie on the various teams that Baby drives for during the bank robberies. The crews all banter with each other as you would expect. The team works well together, but the feeling that they are forced together for one common goal is apparent as they converse with each other throughout the film. Beyond Buddy and Darlings relationship with each other they don’t care for each other during these missions and are only there for the money which adds tension to the groups.

Then when Baby is off duty he goes to a diner where he meets Debora (Lily James) who he becomes infatuated with due to her singing. He wants nothing more than to be happily with her, but when his getaway driver duties continue to force him to work with Doc and his gang, he begins to try and escape. When the life of Deborah is threatened though he tempts fate by trying to run off with her, which Doc and the gang do not appreciate.

From there the plot is always action packed in this movie and does not have any slow or pointless scenes. Every scene flows into the next with the plot continuing to progress, and leaving you on the edge of the seat the entire run time of this movie. While the movie does follow some clichés, they are not clichés you expect during the moment. There are no twists in the movie, but the flow this movie takes will always have you wondering what is coming next, and predictability is completely out the window.



The acting in this movie is top notch, with every giving a perfect performance throughout the whole movie. Kevin Spacey as a criminal mastermind is a casting role that he was meant, and in this movie, he knocks even some of his best film performances out of the park. Then Jon Hamm does a wonderful job of playing Buddy, who plays perfectly as a charming anti-friend to Baby, making you love and hate him at the same time. Jamie Foxx plays the character Bats as the person you hate throughout the movie and keep hoping for something terrible to happen to him due to how he treats the rest of the cast. Jamie Foxx and Jon Hamm play perfect foils to each other’s characters in this film.

Then you have the main actor of the movie Ansel Elgort, who captures Baby’s quiet but social personality perfectly. He holds the emotion of the movie as the main character and the world he is in is visible perfectly through his eyes and the trauma he faces throughout the movie. I would love to see Ansel in future movies and will be keeping an eye on this actor in the future due to his incredible performance in this movie.


Character Development

The movie follows Baby so he is the character that gets the most development in this movie. Going from someone who goes along with the bank robberies out of obligation and fear of someone hurting him and his adoptive father. As he meets Deborah though he begins to fear for her life and takes more risks to try and escape the life of crime he is entangled in.

Then even the minor characters get development as you learn the various reasons as to why they are in the crime organization to begin with. Each member has their own reasons and as the movie progresses the stakes raise and members of the organization are taken out as they are unable to meet their obligations. Even though some characters don’t get enough screen time for much development, all the main cast members of the movie feel like they ended the film with some true expansion of their character beyond how they are introduced.

This leads to the movie feeling full, and even the characters you hate throughout begin to grow on you towards the end of the movie. You still hope for their demise due to their actions throughout the movie, but you also want to see more of them as well. This is one of the few movies in which I both want the villains of the movie to keep going so I can enjoy them, but also despise them for everything they do.

Then there is the relationship that grows between Baby and Deborah, which feels organic. In a lot of movies, the love interest plot will feel forced or confusing how the two people will suddenly just love each other. This movie plays it off though as the two spend time together in realistic ways and the chemistry between them is evident. This is a testament to both the writing and the actors.



The effects of this movie are all practical and some of the best I have seen in a movie of this type in a long time. Being that the movie is about bank robberies and getaway chases, these scenes obviously are the most thrilling of the movie, and the car chases in this movie are hands down some of the most on the edge of your seat exciting scenes I have seen in a movie as of recent. I could watch some of these chase scenes over and over and not get bored of them they are done so well.

The transitions between scenes are fluid and move the plot along perfectly making even jumps between locations in the movie smooth. While most wouldn’t count it as an effect, it allows the movie to flow scene to scene without any hard breaks or shaky cam which is very appreciated. The transitions themselves make the movie very easy on the viewer’s eyes making sure to not break moments of tension, comedy, or emotion.

Alongside in Edgar Wright fashion there is a long form no cut scene in the beginning of the movie with the main character Baby walking to a coffee shop and dancing to music in perfect rhythm without any cuts to his walk, very akin to the famous opening scene from another Edgar Wright film Shaun of the Dead.



There is not a moment in this movie that isn’t enjoyable. From the car scenes, the love interest relationship that makes sense, and even the characters, this movie does not let down in any aspect. It’s the kind of movie I could watch again and again and never get tired of, and I recommend everyone who enjoys action or thriller style movies to check out immediately.

Having been directed by one of my favorite directors Edgar Wright, I was a little hesitant going into this movie based on the plot synopsis, but after seeing the trailer I started to get excited. That excitement paid off when I finally got a chance to see this movie in theaters.


Final Thoughts

This movie is spectacular in every way possible, and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone. The car chase scenes put almost other chase scene to shame, the characters all feel perfectly cast and developed, and the only downside to this movie I can find is that it has an ending and doesn’t go on forever.

If you have seen the trailer for this movie and you are even slightly interested in it, go see it. If you haven’t seen the trailer for it yet, skip it and go see this movie. If you saw the trailer and thought it wasn’t for you, I still advise you to give it a chance and go see this movie. I dearly hope this movie gets the recognition it deserves and it will stand out forever as one of my favorite movies from this point forward.