Movies for Breakfast SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING Review


It is finally Spider-Man’s turn to make a debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe


Peter Parker balances his life as an ordinary high school student in Queens with his superhero alter-ego Spider-Man, and finds himself on the trail of a new menace prowling the skies of New York City.


Spider-Man was first introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: Civil War, but now it is time for him to get his own movie with Spider-Man Homecoming. Spider-Man Homecoming is the first Marvel Cinematic Universe film starring Tom Holland as Spider-Man, and the 3rd major reboot of the character on the big screen. Directed by Jon Watts with Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal producing, this film was distributed by Sony instead of the usual distributor of Disney as Sony still retains the rights to Spider-Man. When Spider-Man first came into the picture in Civil War it was a dream come true to fans who thought the web slinger would never hit the big screen as a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the first adventure of this new Spider-Man went off with a great start.

Following the events of Captain America Civil War, Peter Parker went back to his normal life in Queens New York. He is instructed by Tony Stark to lay low, and continues to do what he can in his area to be a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. He is unable to return to the simple times after being a part of Tony’s group of heroes during the events of the Civil War; Peter aims to find a way to become a full time Avenger and waits for his next mission. When he comes upon some people selling alien technology as weapons he tries to interfere and ends up causing some damage and almost getting himself killed. Feeling that his report to Tony Stark and Happy Hogan fell on deaf ears, he tasks himself with taking down the newly discovered operation headed by a man known as The Vulture. He tries to keep this secret from Tony as he was told to not pursue the group, he disobeys orders hoping to prove he has what it takes to be a member of The Avengers.

Spider-Man Homecoming is the perfect movie to introduce a new Peter Parker into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For starters, the film acts as a start for Peter Parker, but it isn’t an origin story. When the film starts, Peter is still new to his powers, and he is in over his head for any real crimes still, but we don’t have to watch him get his powers. There is no spider bite, no uncle ben, the movie jumps right into Peter Parkers life trying to balance his school with keeping his new superhero abilities a secret. This Peter Parker only wants to help people, and be the best he can. He is still the joke cracking spider-man we know, and while he is not Spider-Man, he is the perfect Peter Parker as well. Tom Holland brings this Spider-Man to life in both parts, managing to balance the dynamic of Peter Parker and Spider-Man from the comics. He is not always successful in anything though as he tries to balance everything, and is not experienced enough to do so yet. He is constantly skipping out on his school and social lives in order to be a hero, but even then he isn’t experienced enough when put up against real threats. So when he comes across a weapons dealer in alien technology, he is not prepared to challenge them at all.

Which brings us to the villain, Adrian Toomes aka the Vulture, who is a father who lost his job due to Tony Stark taking over major clean ups in the New York area as a result of the events of The Avengers movie. Adrian took to a life of crime, teaming up with several of his friends who worked with him, to create weapons out of the wreckage of different alien weapons they come across. Adrian Toomes is a good villain, and one of the few Marvel Cinematic Universe villains that is done properly. Because of his ordeal that brought him to a life of crime, there is a little more sympathy for him, he is not a good person, but he is not trying to take over the world or do anything extreme. He is just looking to provide for his family, and found a way to do so. Which is a great way to introduce a villain for Spider-Man, where he is not saving the world. He is stopping a criminal who is putting a large threat out into New York with the sales of weapons to petty criminals, but he does not have a grand scheme that effects anyone outside of a very small bubble. Even this minor villain proves to be a challenge for Spider-Man though, and he needs to overcome this threat while learning at the same time.

Closing Thoughts

When I first watched Spider-Man Homecoming I reviewed it (review can be read here) and I gave it an A- for a rating. I would have to agree with myself that even on another viewing the film holds up to that same rating and is enjoyable to watch. While past Spider-Man movies have been good, they always had some point where they did not meet the comic books and personality of Peter Parker and Spider-Man, but Tom Holland brings a perfect performance for both roles. Also getting to see a Spider-Man that isn’t ready to be Spider-Man is a nice change, as the previous movies they jump into the role almost immediately after getting their powers and by the time their first villain shows up they are ready for action. In Spider-Man Homecoming though we don’t get an origin story, but a story of a hero trying to find his true place in this universe, and comes to terms with the fact he isn’t ready for the big fights, and he is ok with that.