First Impressions! – Flip Flappers ~ Ep 1


Just a little more; Persevere, but have fun doing it~


Flip Flappers is full of great color spectrum’s, futuristic existential feels and (everyone’s favorite) big eye’d anime girls.

There are spoilers ahead, but I’ve trimmed quite a bit of the fat, so there’s plenty for you to enjoy by watching through the regular episode.

Our story begins shrouded in a bit of mystery, as we see some pretty interesting action visuals debuted by an unknown, red headed girl on a hoverboard pulling off some pretty sweet moves. But this eventually leads into our first character introduction, a young blue haired middle school girl named Cocona. We find her asking that same question I’m sure many Japanese adolescents asking themselves before high school.



Cocona comes off as having a bland, morose personality, but it becomes apparent very quickly that she simply isn’t the settling type. Despite this, her anxiety doesn’t seem to be quite worn on her sleeve and it appears as if she takes things much more seriously than any of the other characters we meet up until this point.

Of course, it’s after this portion of the story that we finally meet our mystery character from the beginning of this episode, who goes by the name of Papika. From here we learn that she’s been “waiting” for Cocona and wishes to leave with her, away to a land of “Pure Illusion.” (Get ready to set those yuri ships-a-sailin’~).



From there, it’s a match made in heaven. It’s at this point that the show finally takes it’s somewhat expected turn into the “transported to another world” move. The girls have an interesting dynamic, in that they seem to reflect off of each other the lively potential and unsettling fear for venturing into the unknown future. 

We finally get our first glimpse of story depth, as the bright colors become dull and a feel similar to that of Mahou Shoujou Madoka Magica begins to settle over our carefree, dreamland setting. We even get to see some Dragonball Z moments go down, as Cocona finally pushes past her fears (with the help of some ecchi, inner leg light action), in an attempt to save Papika from some giant, snow slugs, ready to dish out some good ol’ tentacle abuse. (Man, Japan really knows how to bring a story to life, huh?).


In the end, both characters meet back up in “reality” looking a little worn, but safe in each other’s company, again, lending to that metaphorical idea of life having it’s hardships and being kind of scary to go through alone. As long as we have each other, we’ll be able to make it out just fine. 


That is, until this week’s cliffhanger..

The animation itself is somewhat simple at times and the music doesn’t seem to be anything particularly special, but the themes do have me intrigued a bit. I’ll be giving this show a chance during it’s next few episodes before making that “yay or nay” decision to keep watching, but for now, I’m enjoying the feels it’s creating within me. 

As always, check back to 8bit Waffles, as I continue to go through this fall anime lineup for that special set of shows to follow.