D23: Kingdom Hearts III trailer and release window


During Disney’s bi-annual D23 Convention this year, Square Enix ended the video game panel with the latest look at the long-awaited sequel in the Kingdom Hearts series.



The trailer starts off with some gameplay in the Hercules world Olympus Coliseum. Here we see Sora grinding on some railways and using some sweet combo moves to take out enemy Heartless. The big surprise of the trailer was the new world being introduced. Right of the bat, it is easily recognizable as Toy Story. The scene starts with Sora, Donald and Goofy, who look like Lego toys, meeting with Woody, Buzz and crew. We then get a quick scene change to Andy’s front yard as the trio takes out countless Heartless. The graphics here look outstanding – even borderline photo realistic. Combine that with the flashy combos, this game will easily be great to see in motion. The next scene shows Sora and the gang with Woody and Buzz facing Zerg, which will delight any fans of the Pixar series. Pixar came out on stage after the trailer to confirm that this will be an original story for Toy Story.

The trailer ended with the moment everyone was waiting for: a 2018 release window. Tetsuya Nomura, the director of Kingdom Hearts III, thanked his fans for the wait and was happy to show more on his game. Currently, he is thinking of the next conference to show more footage at and what will be shown. Most likely, we will see more at Tokyo Game Show or at Jump Festa later this year.


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