What to know about E3 2019 before it begins


E3 is upon us, and here is what to know before it all starts.

E3 is a major convention centered on the video game industry that takes place in the Los Angeles Convention Center. This year it takes place during June 11th through the 13th. While the doors don’t open until June 11th though, there is still plenty going on before that with different keynote presentations from publishers. This year will be a good one, but it will feel a bit missing as Sony will not be in attendance to the conference at all, and Nintendo will not be holding a keynote conference either. Even with them gone though, there is still plenty to look forward to.



When it comes to Sony, they won’t be attending E3 or having a keynote. That’s not to say they might not have a couple surprises, but with the recent trailer and information on Death Stranding released they could be holding their cards close to their chest when it comes to the show altogether and decide to make announcements during a time when the gaming news isn’t so cluttered. It would have been nice to hear more about The Last of Us II and Ghost of Tsushima, but alas Sony will not be anywhere during E3 and will be showcasing these and future games at another event.


While Nintendo will not have an E3 keynote this year, like previous years they will opt to have a Nintendo Direct for the event which is a more focused demonstration and announcement for their games. The E3 Nintendo Direct is scheduled to premiere at 9am PT/12PM EST on Tuesday June 11th right before the show floor is set to open for E3. While details on what Nintendo will be showcasing are light, it can be assumed that we will get more information on the upcoming Link’s Awakening remake and Mario Maker 2 which are set to release soon. With the recent Pokemon Nintendo Direct earlier this week it can be assumed that Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will make an appearance at the booth, but it is doubtful we will get any new information on the games during E3.

What will be most pressing for Nintendo will be information on their upcoming Luigi’s Mansion 3, Fire Emblem Three Houses, and Animal Crossing games which are in active development. There is also a good chance that Nintendo will use this opportunity to show off the latest character to join the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster.


With Sony out this E3, and Nintendo doing a direct instead of a keynote presentation, that leaves Microsoft as the only console maker to be doing a keynote presentation this year. As such, there are a lot of eyes on Microsoft and people wondering what they will be coming up with this year. They are scheduled to have their keynote on June 9th at 1PM PST/4PM EST. They have teased on twitter that they will have a lot to show off at E3 this year, which many assume means we will see some more information on the upcoming Gears of War 5 and Halo Infinite games. There is also a chance that they will tease their upcoming console, currently dubbed Project Scarlett, which is in development. Either way, with no competition from Sony or Nintendo, Microsoft has the full potential to steal the entire E3 show this year and make it one to be remembered.


Ubisoft will kick off the week with a keynote on Monday June 10th at 1PM PST/4PM EST. There is a lot of excitement from the gaming community on further information on Beyond Good and Evil 2, but aside from that nothing is known about what Ubisoft will be showing off during its keynote. It can be assumed we will get another Just Dance game like previous years, and possibly a new Assassins Creed game. There have been rumors that Ubisoft has multiple AAA games in development right now, but details on those games are non existence at this time.


When it comes to EA, they actually will be kicking off their E3 celebrating on Saturday June 8th with a live stream event. As of right now their schedule for this event is:

9:15am: Countdown to EA PLAY
9:30am: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (Hosted by Greg Miller and Andrea Rene)
10:00am: Apex Legends (Hosted by Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez)
10:30am: Battlefield™ V (Hosted by Julia Hardy and Adam Freeman (EA))
11:00am: FIFA 20 (Hosted by Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez)
11:30am: Madden NFL  20 (Hosted by Adam Rank)
12:00pm: The Sims 4 (Hosted by Andrea Rene)

In addition to this though it would be expected we could see some more information on Biowares upcoming Dragon Age 4 which was teased last December. Aside from the streaming event on Saturday, EA has been pretty hush on their plans and announcements to come from E3.


When it comes to Bethesda they will be holding their keynote conference at 5:30PM PT on June 9th following Microsoft. Last E3 they announced Fallout 76 which released to very negative reviews so there is a chance we could see some information on them trying to make changes to the game to improve it. They also announced a new Doom game last year, which is currently in development, so there is hope for more information on that to come from this press conference.

There are two games that will be absent from E3 this year though, in Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI which are the most anticipated games from Bethesda. With these two games out of the show, there is not much people are looking forward to from Bethesda. Hopefully they can pull a surprise, because given the response from fans last year they are not in a good spot right now.

Square Enix

Square Enix is prepared to have a keynote showing what they have been working on to come out on Monday, June 10th at 6PM PT/9PM ET. When it comes to what they have we can expect to see more of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, the next episode of Life is Strange 2, and possibly some upcoming content on Kingdom Hearts III. What most people are looking forward to is more information on the upcoming Marvel Avengers game they have been developing. In an official tweet by the PlayMarvel twitter, here, it will be present at their E3 keynote presentation.