From Big Hero 6 to Boy Wonder?


Looks like another celebrity is getting in on the “self promoting for a part” game.

Today Ryan Potter, voice of Hiro Hamada in Big Hero 6, has uploaded an audition tape to YouTube. It seems that the actor wants to play Tim Drake aka Robin, the third boy to don the mask, in the DCEU alongside Ben Affleck’s Batman.


Potter, 20 years old, is at a perfect time currently to play such a role, depending on where WB wants to take Batman’s sidekicks. At Batman’s age, it’s likely that the first two Robins have moved on, but there is still potential for Tim Drake. The audition is well choreographed and he makes a compelling argument with his moves and use of the bo staff.

Ryan Potter is just the next list in a long line of celebrities recently expressing interest in roles, between Stephen Lang for Cable, Anna Kendrick for Squirrel Girl and Steven Tyler for a role in Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Potter is definitely not the first in this trend and is likely not to be the last.

Justice League is currently filming and slated for release on November 17, 2017 with a solo Batman film in the works and yet to be dated.