Keanu Review


Key and Peele debut their first movie after years of sketch comedy, but does their style of humor transfer?

I was first introduced to Key and Peele after watching their Substitute Teacher sketch from their show on YouTube. Since then, I’ve been a fan of their show and watched it through the end of the fifth season in September of 2015. This movie seemingly came out of nowhere to me. I had only heard about ita couple of months before it was released, when I saw a poster featuring Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, and the adorable kitten, Keanu. I immediately looked up a trailer and knew I would be seeing this movie. Is it worth seeing?

The movie follows the story of Rell (Peele), who is heartbroken and depressed from a breakup until a kitten winds up at his door. While out seeing a movie with his cousin Clarence (Key),Rell’s apartment is broken into and the only thing missing is Keanu. Rell and Clarence go to try and take the cat whom they discover was taken by a gang known as “the Blips”.

Rell and Clarence end up finding Keanu in the possession of the gang’s leader, Cheddar (Method Man). In order to try and get Keanu back, Rell and Clarence fake their way into seeing Cheddar and then convince him they are the notorious “Allentown Boys”. Cheddar cuts a deal with them:if they show his gang how to make a drug deal the “Allentown way”, he will give them the kitten. Rell and Clarence have to play the roles of hardened assassins, a stark contrast from their suburban lifestyles, and not get caught in their lie.

If you’re a fan of Key and Peele’s sketch comedy from Mad TV or Comedy Central, you will love the movie Keanu. It plays out like an extended sketch from their show and falls together perfectly. I don’t think there were any extended moments where I wasn’t getting a good laugh out of this movie. Some parts of the movie do play out a little longer than they should, butthe jokes are always there in the end and still fit perfectly into the movie.

There is a subplot in the movie that makes it a bit of a romantic comedy that feels out of place. The writing felt  forced, and the moment it comes up, it’s very apparent where it will lead. The direction of the film was unpredictable until the debut of this subplot, which then made the end of the movie obvious.

If you find yourself laughing at the typical Key and Peele sketch, you will find yourself laughing throughout this movie. If you’ve never seen a Key and Peele sketch or you think their comedy is hit or miss, it might be best to wait for this movie to hit Netflix.