Movies For Breakfast GHOSTBUSTER AFTERLIFE Review


It’s time to pickup that phone, because its finally time to call the Ghostbuster again!


When a single mom and her two kids arrive in a small town, they begin to discover their connection to the original Ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left behind.

Ghostbusters Afterlife acts as the third movie in the Ghostbusters series, completely ignoring the 2016 reboot. The film brings a new cast of characters into the ghostbusters lineup with Phoebe (played by Mckenna Grace), Trevor (played by Finn Wolfhard), Podcast (played by Logan Kim), Lucky (played by Celeste O’Connor), Gary Grooberson (played by Paul Rudd, and Callie (played by Carrie Coon). The film also brings back the faces of the original Ghostbusters to reprise their roles. Taking place in a modern day, the film acknowledges the original films which took place in 1984 and 1989. The film acts like the time was nearly forgotten and seen more as a myth, especially given there hasn’t been any ghost activity since, and younger generations aren’t even taught of the events of New York.

The film takes place in the small town of Summerville, where Callie has inherited the farmhouse of her estranged father who left her when she was young. She brings her two kids Phoebe and Trevor along as they are evicted from their apartment due to being unable to pay the rent. Having been left nothing from her father aside from the house they move there in hopes of being able to find something worth money that they can use to find a new place to live, but find the rundown house not holding any treasures on first sight. That is until Phoebe discovers the ghostbusting equipment in a hidden basement in the house that was Spengler’s lab. She brings it to her class where her teacher Mr. Grooberson tells her and her classmate nicknamed Podcast about what she has found. Meanwhile Trevor finds the old Ghostbusters vehicle and repairs it to working condition so he can have a car to drive around the small town in order to impress his love interest Lucky who works at the local diner he takes up a job at. After several odd earthquake-like events occur in the small town though there is reason to believe there is something going on that isn’t as it appears.

The characters in this film are a great addition to the franchise. While there are cameos from the previous ghostbusters, the focus of this film is on the new age of ghostbusters that discover the past what try and continue the mission of the original Ghostbusters. The film puts a much larger focus on Phoebe who is interested in science and shows a high aptitude of intelligence when it comes to figuring out problems that arise throughout the film. Played amazingly by Mckenna Grace, she is the successor to Egon Spengler who was her grandfather, who left clues to his reasoning for leaving his family and moving to the town seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Next would be Podcast who is a student at the summer school that Phoebe is attending who’s very interested in paranormal and strange occurrences and has even taken up a podcast discussing them (thus the nickname he gave himself). Trevor is Phoebes brother and acts as a more standard person who is not as interested in science but can see the importance of what is happening and wants to help. Then while not as focused on is Lucky who acts as the love interest to Trevor and starts to grow into the team as she notices things aren’t as normal as they appear anymore.

The film manages to throw in references to past movies throughout to make original fans of the films happy, without shoving them too far where newcomers for this movie will feel left out of the film as a result. It’s a fine line that it juggles, while also giving some new ghostbusters gadgets we haven’t seen before, and upgrades to the vehicle and traps that make the movie feel fresh from the originals. That said the highlights of the film are easily the ghostbusting parts as expected. The car chase scene with the kids just learning that ghosts are real and discovering the technology left to them by Egon to capture them are extremely fun and bring about the same excitement that made the originals classics. While they aren’t cracking quips or one liners during their ghostbusting and the scenes of them doing this are a little on the light side for my taste, the times they occur make up for the lack of them throughout the rest of the movie. The movie acts more of a summer adventure where the kids discover this whole world they never knew about, that is closer related to them than they could have ever known. There’s no attempt to bring the Ghostbusters back to the spotlight in this movie like was the focus of the 1989 sequel, but to have a smaller town story. A much more relatable story for a new generation of fans to jump into the franchise.

Closing Thoughts
Ghostbuster Afterlife is a breath of fresh air for the Ghostbusters franchise. Following the attempted reboot in 2016, this movie is a very welcome change to the form that works and is memorable. The film gives enough references and nods to the original two films to make long time fans happy, while bringing enough new things to the table to make the movie feel fresh and different. If you are a fan of ghostbusters and now have a family of your own, this is the perfect movie to introduce them to the franchise as it is made more for a newer audience. Given this movie I hope we see a continuation with this cast and hopefully can dive more into some ghostbusting action.