Movies for Breakfast ZOMBIELAND DOUBLE TAP Review


After ten years, Zombieland is finally back.


Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock move to the American heartland as they face off against evolved zombies, fellow survivors, and the growing pains of the snarky makeshift family.


Zombieland Double Tap is the sequel to the 2009 classic movie Zombieland. Bringing back the main cast from the first movie with Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin the movie is joined by some new faces such as Rosario Dawson, Luke Wilson, Zoey Deutch, and Thomas Middleditch. Directed once again by Ruben Fleischer and written by the duo of Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick the original team that brought the first movie to life all came together for this one as well. The group has wanted to make a sequel since they wrapped up filming on the first movie, and it only took them ten years to finally get the green light and start filming the long-awaited sequel. The biggest question though was it worth the wait, and for the most part, yes it was.

Zombieland Double Tap picks up 10 years after the first film left off. With the core group of Tallahassee, Columbus, Little Rock, and Wichita ending up at the White House and having lived there for some time after the first film. After Little Rock runs off with a hippie from Berkeley, the rest leave their perfect home to go find her. From here they run into many other survivors of the zombie apocalypse, some similar to them, and other don’t seem like the kind to survive in the zombie apocalypse. Along with the previously known zombies there are now some new breeds of zombies, such as Homer’s which seem to have no care about humans and just follow packs of zombies, ninja’s who can sneak up on people, and a new breed known as T-800 who are able to adapt and kill anyone who is unlucky enough to come across one.

The groups continue to show their prowess in combating zombies, and one up each other in being able have some fun. The zombies almost don’t even come off as a threat anymore when it comes to the main characters, and sometimes others who show up in the film, and more an avenue to have some fun. The film feels like a true continuation of Zombieland, adding some higher stakes, some more zombies, and some new faces. It is still a very fun movie, with an average plot line, but the characters bring it together to be something special. The four main cast members from the original all drop right back into their characters, and bring an amazing performance, as do all the side characters who show up along the way as well. The idea of kill of the week from Zombieland is also brought back, along with Kill of the year, and showcases some creative zombie killing methods people have gone through. Everything that made the first movie so much fun is still here, with the absurdity turned up just enough to keep everything feeling fresh. Zombieland Double Tap even takes its chance to critique other zombie movies, along with zombie tropes, in the same way it did before. It is almost the perfect sequel to the classic that is Zombieland, even 10 years later, and doesn’t feel played out.

The only downside to the side characters is they only appear for jokes and then are pushed to the back of the movie. There is a lot of potential in this movie, but the writers didn’t seem to know what to do with all the puzzle pieces they have. While the movie is entertaining, it only feels partially complete with everything introduced. Zoey Deutch plays the dumb blonde survivor Madison, who shows up to have some jokes made, and then seems to disappear in the background of the movie. Other characters like Albuquerque played by Luke Wilson and Flagstaff played by Thomas Middleditch come in for a couple jokes, and then are forgotten about minutes later in the movie. The same goes for the new types of zombies, the beginning of the film makes mention of these new kinds of zombies that have emerged, and for the most part does nothing with them afterword’s. Homers only show up twice in the film as a joke, and then the T-800 is the only other zombie even shown. The movie doesn’t use any of the other zombies that it introduces. It kind of things that they would be cool anti-tropes to add to Zombieland, but forgets about them.

Closing Thoughts

Zombieland Double Tap is exactly what I wanted to see in a sequel, it continued the story of our four main characters, didn’t take itself seriously, and made a fun zombie movie that I will watch again for sure. The story is on par with the first one, the characters are more interesting this time around, and the environments and places they go to are a lot livelier. The only downside of the movie is how it brings up different plot elements and then seems to not know what to do with them. There must be a lot of this movie that ended up on the cutting room floor, and I would be open to see a directors or extended cut. As it stands thought the movie is wholly entertaining and I can’t wait for Zombieland 3 in 2029.