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What is 8Bit Waffles

8Bit Waffles is a website created by a group of fans who are dedicated to the world of Movies, Games, Television, Comics, and more. Coming together to share their thoughts on what’s releasing and coming our way through opinion pieces, reviews, and our podcasts.

Who are 8Bit Waffles

Brad Woessner
As one of the founding members of 8Bit Waffles, Brad is a fan of most nerd culture, and loves talking with other people about movies, tv shows, comics, and video games. One of the main reviewers for the website, and one of the hosts behind Double Feature VS, Brad has his hands in all aspects of 8Bit Waffles.
Blak Cinephile
Blak Cinephile is a cinephile who both loves film and loves to write/talk about it. He has a genuine respect for the art of cinema and has always strived to find the line between insightful subjectivity and observant objectivity while constructing his reviews. He believes a deeper understanding (and a deeper love) of cinema is borne through criticism.
Double Feature Versus
Double Feature VS is a podcast series in which two friends Anthony and Brad step in front of the mic and clash heads, come together, break up, and come together again on the subject of two competing films on each episode. Directorial debut vs Sophomore slump (or success), critically acclaimed vs fan-favorite, original vs sequel, blond vs ginger, ebony vs melanin, etc. The possibilities? Endless. The arguments? Futile. The debates? Epic (also humorous). The combination of audio material, written film reviews and video commentaries (all found on doublefeaturevs.com) are all part of what makes this a great new series for cinephiles, moviegoers, movie lovers and everybody in-between.
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