It seems that while what the redditor claimed was not true, all hope is not lost.

Yesterday we reported a story that Peter David had seemingly had a meeting with Netflix in regards to a third season of Young Justice, a story which turns out to not be true.


After seeing this news reported, both Greg Weisman and Peter David took to Twitter to clear up the mess. While no meeting has taken place between David and Netflix, a meeting seems to still have taken place between Warner Bros and Netflix. Peter David took to his blog to further clear up that he said no such thing. But rest assured fans, all hope isn’t lost as long as you keep showing support, in the words of David himself,

“Furthermore I’m now worried it could do damage to the cause, because people might think, “We did it! There’s gonna be a third season, done deal!” and then stop watching. Which would then cause Netflix to say, “Hunh, people have stopped watching, guess it was just a passing fad,” and that’s that.

So I will say it once more: It is NOT a done deal. So continue watching “Young Justice” if you want to have a hope of a third season.” -Peter David

So keep watching, buy that home media and tweet using #KeepBingingYJ and #RenewYoungJustice, we can still do this!

Young Justice Season 1 and 2 are both available on DVD and Blu-Ray through Amazon and iTunes!

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